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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Missing Manuscript Title

Good morning. I've finally put together a new blog page and hope that before long I have an actual title for my first complete manuscript. As of now I am using the working title of Keeva's Last Chance, a romance thriller that takes place in Helena, Montana. Helena sits about five miles from my home town of Montana City.
Keeva O'Shea, unknownst to her, is being stalked by one mean Dillon Marcon. Dillon a militia minded psychopath is gaining Keeva's trust and might soon convince her to go on a date...not a good idea.
Then there is Detective Antonio "Tony" Salazar, a smooth talking, hunky Cuban cop who is investigating the disappearance of two teen agers, with clues they disappeared not far from Keeva's place of business.
The police suspect Keeva's brother Mac is involved.  Someone is stalking Keeva
Tony wants to date Keeva, she doesn't trust him.
The stalking escalates, things disappear, people hide in the shadows.
What more lurks in the pages of this book? Right now I hope a title lurks nearby. Any suggestions?

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